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drawing of 2012

Sunday 1/27/2013

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Have a happy and prosperous newyear 2013. 
Let’s love others more, shall we. ^^

Tuesday 1/1/2013

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CoretMoret 02 : Childhood

Open publication - Free publishing - More children

the english version will be updated in the near future :D

Please bear with me regarding to the slow posts 

Sunday 12/16/2012

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A note for you, my darling haters

Funny how people hate you for things you do/did. even the things you do/did wasn’t particularly for them and yet they reveal it to cause you trouble.

Well… We live in a true ‘jolly’ world. Where hungry unsatisfied people (or simply jerks) are lived in. for some reason, whatever that is, some people is blatantly obliged to kiss other’s (with more power,of course) ass. Just to be associated to their inner circle, or just being a ‘good’ espionage.

As for the indulging anger, i just wanna thank them, the ones that recklessly or purposely stab me on my back, the hackers or the whateverbeings. From the bottom of my guts, i thank you for the nurturing lessons.

With this post, i am pretty sure my state of hatred is over, i ‘ve made this note. Only for you, my darlings. 
I meant every word, with all my heart :)

Monday 11/12/2012

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when shitty things happen….

Thursday 10/25/2012

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life’s whateverness

submission for JaDa : Shadow Play @ commonroom, bandung

Thursday 9/20/2012

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Let’s shake it off

Have a very happy fitri , all

Sunday 8/19/2012

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Let’s shake it off

Have a very happy fitri , all

Buckle up

Time fly so fast. Fdels like was only yesterday i tie the knot, being a newbie in my current work and bam. What do you know, it has been 2 years. 
I look around. people i know have changed, old friends moved on, replaced by some new faces… It creeps the hell out of me that i’m the only one who stays.

Well, there are always reason to stay. In my case, i’m not ready.
I love art. I LIVE ib art. But in my country, no matter how much i want it, art is not a living. yet. Especially for a frickin mediocre like me. :p
I assume if i would like to make my move from this black hole, I just have to be a better person.

It’s not really reaching for the star really, but it ain’t easy either. 
Because there’s no such thing as ‘The Best’. in cooking, drawing, time managing and in everything i could. I wanna be just slightly a better human being.

I don’t buy “practice makes perfect” thing, coz being perfect simply spoils the fun. But since my coloring sucked the world, lately i’ve been practicing a lot on it. Check it out

i’m sick

i dunno what happen to me. but i got sick easily, lately. - -“
nevertheless, i wish you all well and bounty.